Auxiliary Air Suspension System

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Euro Suspension

EuroAir gives the possibility to adjust, within limits, the suspension manually. On a vehicle with leaf springs, an air spring is fitted between chassis and rear axle. This air spring supports the existing leaf spring. The EuroAir kit is supplied as a dual chamber system, the air springs are not in connection with each other.  Making use of a dual chamber system allows left and right to be separately adjusted. EuroAir therefore has two inflation valves, enabling the vehicle to be levelled – even when it is loaded unevenly. This basic system is the starting point for the modification and improvement of the suspension on your vehicle. Each basic EuroAir system contains all necessary parts to allow fitment to the particular make and model. Every kit contains two manometers, two in-/deflation valves, two bellows and tubes. The valves enable you to lower the ride height of your vehicle and allows you to pump the air spring in the best possible way. The manometer provides an accurate indication of the pressure in bar inside the air springs.


EuroAir PFC Compressor Kit

Optional compressor kit available for vehicles (‘94->’14, X230-X290)


Suitable Vehicles



 Fiat Ducato  ’96 – Current X230 / X244 / X250 / X290
 Peugeot Boxer  ’96 – Current X230 / X244 / X250 / X290
 Citroën Jumper  ’96 – Current X230 / X244 / X250 / X290





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